Dilemmas of EU Free Movement Law

Room 4-E4-SR03

This workshop gathers the contributors to the volume “Dilemmas of EU Free Movement Law”, edited by Eleanor Spaventa and Maria Antonia Panascì for Edward Elgar Publishing. In preparation for the publication of this edited volume, the workshop aims to discuss a series of open issues regarding the scope of application of free movement provisions that reflect underlying tensions and controversies within EU law. 


Introductory Remarks 

Eleanor Spaventa (Bocconi University)

Panel 1 – The structure of free movement 

Barend van Leeuwen: “The Familiapress Dilemma: The Horizontal application, Horizontal Direct Effect and Horizontal Enforcement of the Free Movement Provisions” (Durham University) 

Eleni Franztiou: “Clash of rights: free movement vs fundamental rights (Durham University)

Panel 2 – The personal scope of free movement 

Fulvia Ristuccia: “Who is a worker?” (Maastricht University)

Elena Gramano: “Who is self-employed? Atypical work and protection in EU law” (Bocconi University) 

Panel 3 – The interaction between free movement and other policy objectives 

Maria Antonia Panascì: “The inconsistent right to welfare provision: frictions between EU free movement law and social security coordination” (Bocconi University )


Maria Antonia Panascì