Euro Whiteness


Welcome, Eleanor Spaventa, BLEST Director

Chair Catherine De Vries, Dean for International affairs, Bocconi University

Keynote speaker Hans Kundnani, Europe Director of Chatham House


Hans Kundnani will present his book “Euro Whiteness” (published with Oxford University Press in 2023). The book examines a dominant narrative about the European Union, namely that it is a project based on a cosmopolitan rejection of violent nationalism. It argues that this narrative about Europe has a long, problematic history--in medieval times, it was synonymous with Christianity; in the modern era, it became associated with "whiteness."
Hans Kundnani is an associate fellow and former Europe programme director at Chatham House, and the author of Utopia or Auschwitz and The Paradox of German Power, both available from Oxford University Press. Hans writes regularly for The Observer, The Guardian, The New Statesman and Foreign Affairs, among others