Growth for Good

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Blest Lecture

Introduction Rosalba Famà, PhD Student Bocconi University, BLEST

Chair: Italo Colantone, Bocconi University

Alessio Terzi will discuss his latest book, Growth for Good: Reshaping Capitalism to Save Humanity from Climate Catastrophe, with Prof. of Economics Gianmarco Ottaviano. The book takes a broad multidisciplinary approach to discuss what economic growth is, how it relates to the system we live in (capitalism and liberal democracy), to science and innovation, to inequality, to Enlightenment ideas such as that of progress, and how it all relates to nature. The book therefore shows that growth and climate action are perfectly compatible. With the right policies and the help of engaged citizens, pioneering nations can set in motion a global decarbonization wave and in parallel create good jobs and a better, greener, healthier world.

Conclusions Prof. Eleanor Spaventa Chair in EU Law, BLEST Director

Alessio Terzi is an economist at the European Commission and a lecturer at Science Po Lille. Prior to this, he was an Affiliate Fellow at the think tank Bruegel and a Fulbright Scholar at the Harvard Kennedy School. His research and commentaries have appeared in leading media outlets including BBC World NewsFinancial Times, and the Wall Street Journal.