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Stream Lead Nicoletta’s main research interests concern the diffusion of innovations and industrial dynamics – particularly in ICT industries and service sectors – and the emergence of eco-innovations in the framework of sustainable development.
Alina Trapova is a PhD candidate with research interest in the field of EU copyright law, data-driven economy and artificial intelligence. Her PhD thesis looks at copyright authorship and machine learning and she is currently researching further the ...
Gabriele’s main fields of research involve strategic marketing, market innovation, marketing knowledge management and marketing in creative industries.
Gaia’s research focuses on business analytics, social media marketing, political marketing, and innovation. She is also interested in textual analysis, computer vision, and audio analytics.
Professor Laurent Manderieux is an Intellectual Property Legal Specialist with a keen interest in international IP law and digital law. He has worked on a variety of specialist areas, such as Law of IP Treaties, Law of International IP Organizations, ...
Margherita is a PhD student in Legal Studies at Bocconi University. Her research interests include competition law and intellectual property rights, with a focus on patents. She is currently investigating how technology transfer agreements stimulate ...
Maria Lillà’s research focuses on law and technology, in particular digital copyright, platforms liability, global data law and the interplay between the law and the emerging digital technologies.
Oreste’s research examines European and Comparative Constitutional Law, Internet Law and Life Science Law. He is also interested in Media Law and Cinema Law.