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Stream Lead Gianmarco’s research fields involve Capital Movements and Multinationals, Development and Growth, Economic Integration (Asia, Europe and Latin America), International Trade, Migration and Regional Cohesion.
Grace Ballor studies the historical relationship of business and governance, particularly in the context of contemporary Europe. She has held fellowships at Harvard Business School, the Graduate Institute Geneva, and the European University Institute ...
Italo’s research focuses on International Trade and Applied Industrial Organization.
Carlo’s main research fields are European Integration and International Trade and Industrial Economics. He is also an expert in Analysis of Multinational Corporations Economic Geography and Political Economy of Globalization.
Antonia von Appen is a PhD student in International Law and Economics at Bocconi University. Her PhD thesis is located at the intersection of art law and financial market law. She is currently conducting her research at the Max Planck Institute for I ...
Donato’s main fields of interest are Monetary Policy, Financial Regulation and Supervision, Illegal Financial Markets. Economics, Political Economy and History are his methodological tools.