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Stream Lead Elena’s main fields of research are Financial Intermediation, Financial Crises and Regulation and Financial Markets. She is also interested in Competition Policy, Corporate Governance, Financial Development and Access.
Brunella's main fields of research are banking and Art&Finance. Her recent research focuses in particular on credit risk and the effects of banking regulation and supervision on banks' behavior.
Carlo’s research focuses on econometric modelling of bond and stock prices and applied econometrics. He is a specialist also in the fields of monetary and fiscal policy and time-series models for macroeconomics and finance.
Donato’s main fields of interest are Monetary Policy, Financial Regulation and Supervision, Illegal Financial Markets. Economics, Political Economy and History are his methodological tools.
Filippo’s research focuses on Banking, Monetary Economics and International Finance.
Nicola’s research is related to Behavioral Economics and Finance.
Nicola’s main fields of research are Banking, Corporate Finance and Development Economics.
Nicolas’ research focuses on the fields of Financial Economics, Law and Finance and Firm Dynamics.
Paolo’s research spans a variety of topics such as asymmetric information in financial markets and corporate financing decisions. He is currently involved in research projects on the role of board connections in corporate financing decisions, and the ...
Stefano’s research fields are law and finance, corporate governance, bankruptcy and financial distress, debt financing, international finance, sovereign borrowing, financing of innovations and quantitative trading.