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Carlo’s research focuses on econometric modelling of bond and stock prices and applied econometrics. He is a specialist also in the fields of monetary and fiscal policy and time-series models for macroeconomics and finance.
Cédric’s research focuses on understanding the behavioral mechanisms of market entry and dynamics. His latest projects investigate how transparency in pay and recruiting processes affect behavior.
Damiano's research interests cover legal interpretation and argumentation, philosophy of language, the ontology of institutional entities, and digital ethics. His current research projects focus on the argument from legislative intent in legal adjudi ...
Donato’s main fields of interest are Monetary Policy, Financial Regulation and Supervision, Illegal Financial Markets. Economics, Political Economy and History are his methodological tools.
Filippo’s research focuses on Banking, Monetary Economics and International Finance.
Francesco's research mainly deals with the relationship between the economic and the social dimension within the EU legal order, with a specific focus on the Economic and Monetary Union. Moreover, he has worked extensively on intra-EU mobility and fr ...
Gabriele’s main fields of research involve strategic marketing, market innovation, marketing knowledge management and marketing in creative industries.
Gabriella’s current research project explores the impact of the fight against climate change on EU sectoral policies. In particular, since the climate objective is perceived as a priority at European level, the research will consider how this objecti ...
Gaia’s research focuses on business analytics, social media marketing, political marketing, and innovation. She is also interested in textual analysis, computer vision, and audio analytics.
Professor Laurent Manderieux is an Intellectual Property Legal Specialist with a keen interest in international IP law and digital law. He has worked on a variety of specialist areas, such as Law of IP Treaties, Law of International IP Organizations, ...
Lydie’s main field of expertise are in International and European economic law and policy with specific focus on European public procurement, corruption, and European banking policies
Maria Lillà’s research focuses on law and technology, in particular digital copyright, platforms liability, global data law and the interplay between the law and the emerging digital technologies.
Matteo Scotto is currently head of the department “Research and Projects” at Villa Vigoni, the German-Italian Centre for the European Dialogue. He recently published the book “Fragile Orders. Understanding Intergovernmentalism in the Context of EU Cr ...
Nicola’s research is related to Behavioral Economics and Finance.
Nicola’s main fields of research are Banking, Corporate Finance and Development Economics.
Nicolas’ research focuses on the fields of Financial Economics, Law and Finance and Firm Dynamics.
Oreste’s research examines European and Comparative Constitutional Law, Internet Law and Life Science Law. He is also interested in Media Law and Cinema Law.
Paola’s main research interests concern equality and non-discrimination policy, spatial inequalities and cohesion, housing, informal settlements and homelessness, migration and local and regional indicators for sustainable development.
Paolo’s research spans a variety of topics such as asymmetric information in financial markets and corporate financing decisions. He is currently involved in research projects on the role of board connections in corporate financing decisions, and the ...
Stefano’s main research interests lie in legal comparison, law and gender, anti-discrimination law, constitutional theory and socio-legal studies - in particular law and anthropology.
Stefano’s research fields are law and finance, corporate governance, bankruptcy and financial distress, debt financing, international finance, sovereign borrowing, financing of innovations and quantitative trading.
Tamás Vonyó is Associate Professor of Economic History at the Department of Social and Political Sciences. He held junior positions at Groningen University and the London School of Economics before joining Bocconi in 2014. He began his education in H ...